Brand tintori was successfully reiterated in Hong Kong in1985.With the tendency of reform and openness in mainland,Tintori entered market fast.Chuang-fu clothing trade CO.ldt has successful marketing experiences among band cloths in China’s mainland after becoming mainland’s general agency. Its long brand culture and superior brand quality make men present an elegant style.

The designers of Tintori, who has been taken into full account Orientalis cultural connotation in order to make a perfect combination and western clothing culture ,hold the obedience to European style. Thus, it presents its fashion,leisure,and tradition and opens a room for showing menis characteristic and charm.It means life and the goal of nature , therefore,it now become fashionable menis best choice . It is praised by industry peers and customers because of proper rice and sound service. In order to impel modern management idea and enhance brand management, our company invites senior designer for designing, experienced senior manager for managing and artisan for skills.